Especially good in a school setting, several classes throughout the day can enjoy a ‘wormy workshop’ – a hands on opportunity to learn all about earth worms and the fantastic things that they do for us. Build a mini beast palace or solitary bee box for installation in the school grounds to improve biodiversity and increase your natural study resource.

‘ Wormeries’
Courses are offered in the design of bespoke wormerys and wormery care. A fantastic opportunity to learn how to turn your food scraps into fabulous compost through the actions of earthworms!

Day long courses are offered to any group or school. Learn how to begin composting with worms, using bokashi,build your own composter and make space for nature.

‘Habitat for bugs & beasties’
Provision for wildlife can be achieved with the smallest of budgets. Groups of can enjoy a fabulous insight into bringing any space alive through the creation of habitat. Bug palaces, bee boxes, hoggy homes, ladybird loungers and bird boxes can be designed, built and installed by people of all ages and abilities.

‘Solitary bee box’
Bee populations are in stark decline, oddly we often ignore the estimated 247 different species of solitary bees that play such a massive part in pollinating our plants. An array of bee boxes to provide habitat for baby bees can be built from an assortment of natural materials.