Inspirational Talks

Chatting to guests at River Cottage HQ Spring Fair 2010


Talks are designed to inform, enthuse and entertain.  Whether you’re a gardening club, department in a city bank, college or school,  talks are tailored to meet your needs. A host of talk’s opportunities are available, with titles including,

‘A worms eye view of bringing a garden to life’
An in depth look at ways of creating space for nature in the garden, school grounds or any outdoor space. A look at life within the soil, the advantages of composting, sustainable means of feeding the birds, building with green materials, tending your veggies, planting for wildlife, creating habitat and refuge for bugs, birds and bees alike. An opportunity to be entertained enlightened and hands on with the not so humble earthworm!

‘Natural pond creation’
A look at natural  pond creation. A stimulating insight into the adventure of creating a watery wildlife wonderland. A talk that offers advise on the right depths and profiles, choosing the right materials, location and planting schemes and a look at the plethora of life that you can enjoy when all the hard work is over!

‘Sophisticated self sufficiency’
The Good Life. A look at ways of putting your outdoor space to good use,  paving the way to a more independent self reliant lifestyle. A talk that focus’s on  growing your own vegetables, natural pest control, keeping  livestock, sourcing wild foods and much more!

‘A passion for Angling’
A trip into the obsessive world of a passionate angler. Listen to Richard wax lyrical about preparing his catch, fishing ‘under radar’, tracking down some of the worlds largest sea and freshwater fish with all the mishap and adventure that often ensues!

‘Bringing your office to life

A look at transforming  the tiniest of office space into a  potted wildflower wonderzone. A talk that inspires self sufficiency in the work place, from growing food and cutting flowers to composting food waste.

  ‘Keeping Hens’
Keeping chickens on and off for 25 years has given Richard the chance to offer a wealth of advise and to do so with a generous helping of entertaining anecdote.

What people say…..

Your talk was a hit. In the words of one member ‘totally different from anything that we have had before’. Your talk was extremely informative, tailored to our members and we all left feeling we would view composting and our worm population differently!

 Helen Fox. Little Birch gardening club

 From a potential  new member “if all your speakers are as good as Richard I’ll join”

 “I didn’t think a talk about  compost would be so much fun”

 “Easy to listen to speaker who really knew his stuff, entertaining as well…..I remember the bottles in his loo!”

 Helen Boothman  and assorted members; Houghton Gardening club