Recommendations/What people say….

“What a fantastic, cross-curricular opportunity our Bugs and Beasties project has been. The children were highly engaged and motivated from the first session. They loved the variety of exciting, stimulating and new activities that Richard introduced them to and were able to develop their creative, collaborative, technical and design skills over the weeks. The sessions linked well with our Science and Geography topics and gave the children a deeper understanding of the positive changes that they can bring to local environments. It has been a hugely enjoyable and highly informative learning experience. My hope is that it will become one of those significant childhood memories that help strengthen children’s connection to, and love of, the natural world”

Bee Adie Teacher; Longmeadow Primary Trowbridge

“We invited Richard to come over and make this area into something really special. His remit was “to create a fully functional Wildlife area which could be used daily in order to explore the Great Outdoors”. This area is used every single day, in all sorts of weather. We are inundated with requests to come and see it and during our recent Inspection the inspectors were so complementary about it.”

Fiona McDonald, Drumnamoe Nursery School

Richard has helped our school to create two unique and stimulating outdoor areas; the Wildlife Wonder Zone and the Wild Woods. It has been great that he has involved the children in planning and creating. He values their input and has made both projects fun and rewarding for us all. We have used the opportunity of working with Richard to bring together many aspects of our school life; from ecological awareness to planning and design, from reflection and wonder to a Maasai hut that incorporates our international schools dimension. Richard would bring his own unique skills and inspiration to any school setting.
Angela Daniel, Kingsland CE Primary School

Richard visited Madley School on two occasions. On one occasion he kept all 170 children enthralled with his stories of a worm’s life in the world of compost. The other time, a class of 33 juniors had the opportunity to cuddle a worm, see worm casts, develop a good understanding of the lifecycle of a worm and the value they bring to the earth. Richard has a wonderful way with children, he really encourages them to answer their own questions from the knowledge they have and shares with passion and enthusiasm his respect for these unsung heroes.
Erika Lyons. Madley Primary School